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Our cleaners offers home delivery services if you want to call, and will continue to offer the best cleaning services with sanitizing detergent and drive through services to minimize social contact, given our current situation with COVID19.

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Professional Dry Cleaners are performing excellent and the best service.

How do we get rid of partial stains? If you bring your clothes to a Wet Cleaning specialty location,We will care for your clothes, no matter what type or stain, with the

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What Client’s Say​

TL Bryan
TL Bryan
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I have been using Professional Cleaners for many years and have never had anything other than top notch service with this company. I am always greeted in a welcoming way and their cleaning service is done perfectly and promptly. I highly recommend using this business.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Excellent dry clear. Great service never had an issue.
Cecilia Wilson
Cecilia Wilson
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I am glad this dry cleaners is here. They do a great job, are very careful, and you can trust them with expensive clothing. They do a great job!!


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